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How Does This Premature Ejaculation Spray Work?

BooSTAMINA is applied by spraying the penis. The natural substance which is nothing more than a meticulously formulated plant extract mixture permeates the skin and is very quickly absorbed.

BooSTAMINA is not a Lidocain or Benzocain-based desensitizing spray. In fact, it’s not a desensitizing spray at all. Desensitizing premature ejaculation sprays make you last longer in bed by killing any sensation in your penis. The result is you do have a longer intercourse and your partner might get fully satisfied… but for you, it as if you were using a rod to satisfy her, except you are sweating and feel exhausted afterwards.

It defeats the purpose of enjoyable sex that satisfies both parties. Which is why BooSTAMINA was developed in the first place.

Stay Hard, Last Longer & Enjoy Sex

Men are programmed to ejaculate prematurely. That’s a fact.
Some activities and they way you approach sex accentuate this predisposition.

BooSTAMINA works in a unique way that convinces your brain that LONGER SEX IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT EJACULATING RIGHT AWAY.

This way you don’t lose penis sensitivity and yet can enjoy longer without feeling the need to think about your grandma to bring yourself down a bit.

Just read the review of one of our UK customers, who was one of the first people to try BooSTAMINA – quite a long one.

Jo’s Experience with BooSTAMINA

This product is fantastic and does exactly what it says it will; delay your orgasm. Because of this, I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone hoping to last a bit longer than normal in bed. As usual, this product arrived very promptly in discreet brown packaging. My housemate collected it for me and had no idea what it was which is fantastic! Excellent service. On opening the non-descript brown cardboard box, I was presented with a small, black and red box upon which was a stylish logo and product description. There was a large amount of non-English writing on the packaging which put me off slightly as I felt like I didn’t know all the necessary ingredient information, but I’m sure it was all merely translations of the English information. However, let me assure you that this should not put you off in the slightest as the product is absolutely top quality! . It is made of thin, black metal with a red stop on the base of the tube, a red and orange ‚male‘ symbol for decoration and the product name.

In use, the product was very easy to use. It operates by the silver spray at the top of the bottle that lets out a very small amount of orangey-brown spray per squeeze of the pump. I normally use 2 or 3 pumps and this gives more than enough of spray to cover the entire head of the penis. It doesn’t really have much of an odor but if directly inhaled smells pleasant enough, a bit like aloe vera. It dries pretty quickly, with the brown colour fading away and does not leave the penis feeling sticky. The only thing I can compare it to is a brown alcoholic suncream sprays. As such, I have no complaints. I did not feel anything after applying it that made me feel my penis had been desensitised and so was a bit sceptical. However, both during sex and masturbation, I found that I lasted significantly longer and still felt pleasure. At the end of my sessions, I found my orgasms were crazily intense as I had been stimulated for so long and my partner also reported enjoying sex, which lasted longer. She also said that, when giving me a blowjob, she could not taste it and wouldn’t have known it was there.

BooSTAMINA certainly made me last longer when applied a few hours before sex, the potency wore by the next day. Indeed, I found that it was effective for around 8 hours before the effect wore off in my case, even if I applied more of the product than usual.

I was slightly worried the first time that I used it because the following day the head of my penis was very itchy and dry, so much so that it was very uncomfortable. However, I have now used this product about 10 times and have never had a repeat of this symptoms so think it must have been unconnected. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin consider applying some of the product to your hand or arm before your penis just incase! I can’t think of a negative for this product.

Because of this, I would recommend the BooSTAMINA delay spray to anyone who would like to last longer in bed while still retaining sensation. I would recommend reapplying on a day where sex will be had. As only a small amount needs to be used this small bottle will last me a long time, but, when it runs out, I will definitely be purchasing more.

Let me join in on the fun now!

How to Use BooSTAMINA

There are 2 simple steps to using this revolutionary spray:

1- Apply 2-3 sprays to your penis.

2- Enjoy pleasurable long-lasting sex.

boostamina last longer spray


Does BooSTAMINA work?

It worked for a lot of other men like you and it will work for you.
We are confident that you will be coming for more.

Isn't BooSTAMINA a bit too Expensive?

Not if you consider you are getting a pure organic 100% natural product that works. And definitely not if you take into consideration the actual cost of an application compared with other similar cheaper-seeming products. You actually end up paying more money AND health wise !!!